10 years ago today, I surrendered...

Dec 21, 2022

I had been working in Rwanda for 5 years and working on our documentary for 3 years. Despite having many heart-centered, generous donors around the world, fundraising was getting more and more difficult. Frankly, on this day 10 years ago - December 13, 2012 - I was at the edge of my imagination and feeling like a failure. 

How could I possibly continue my dream of helping traumatized young people heal, work and lead us into a peaceful future? Was it time to give up my passion for bringing healing to those who need it most around the world? Would I have to get a “real” job? I had no clues and no answers…

Even though I thought I had surrendered so much of my ego already (yeah, news alert: it’s never over!) to be able to bring The Grace Process and EFT/Tapping to Rwanda, I knew it was time to surrender again. It was time to surrender even more deeply into the mystery of the unknown and trust whatever plan the Divine One Heart had for me.

I went to sleep that night still struggling a bit but also in wonder about what might be possible…

What happened next was unfathomable. Tomorrow I will share more of my story with you. 

In the meantime, I am deeply grateful to all of you who have supported my work over these last 15 years.

Please enjoy these gifts from my heart to yours: 

Our award-winning documentary, When I Was Young, I Said I Would Be Happy: https://www.drlorileyden.com/documentary.?cid=7b98375c-ebf9-466b-98cb-eaabdd848d77

Learn more about Surrender and the 5 Stages of Embodied Grace: https://www.drlorileyden.com/5-stages-ebook. ?cid=7b98375c-ebf9-466b-98cb-eaabdd848d77