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What is a grace-filled life?

Living a grace-filled life means that you are able to trust being fully present in your heart with access to all you need in the moment for peace, healing and transformation. When you are living in grace, you're able to navigate the challenges of life with a deeper love for yourself and compassion for the circumstances you find yourself in.

Now imagine what it would be like to finally be free from the resistance, fear and judgments that keep you from living a grace-filled life... 

 A Graceful Path To Embodiment

What I’ve learned over the last 30 years is that most of us are engaged in our healing from a place of brokenness where we constantly analyze and review what is wrong with us rather than what might be more true — that we are Divine beings on the journey of reconnecting with our wholeness. 

That was certainly true for me. I had no idea what path I was on or even if there was a path. I took workshops and read about the states of being that mystics and gurus were able to achieve. But they were just lofty concepts that sounded great yet I sure as heck didn’t know what that meant for me or how I would ever experience them. I had no “road map,” or what I now refer to as a “heartmap,” for getting there.

Tools For Getting There 

I’ve been on a lifelong journey to healing my own traumas, and as a trauma therapist I’ve committed myself to finding the most gentle and elegant ways to heal and transform, and bring this work to as many people as possible so together we can create global healing in our lifetime.

Over the years, I have set intentions in deep meditation to receive these tools which came to me in the form of the 5 Stages of Embodied Grace© and The Grace Process®. Both of these tools allow you to experience a new resonance field for healing, transforming and evolving through heart-opening experiences that move you from TRAUMA TO TOTAL TRUST.

To date, thousands of people around the world have been introduced to (benefited from) these modalities. I hope you will too.

 5 Stages of Embodied Grace© is a heartmap showing you a path for healing your essential trauma of disconnection from the Divine all the way through to living in and from your Divinity. Most importantly, this heartmap outlines the specific characteristics, feelings and experiences of each stage so you can evaluate for yourself where you are and where you choose to go. 

The Grace Process® is a 7-step psychospiritual somatic-based healing method for healing your traumas so you can trust yourself to embody your most authentic, heart-centered self and step into your Divine destiny. Committing to The Grace Process allows you to more easily and elegantly move from whatever stage you are experiencing in the moment to the next stage on your journey.

These tools are for you if:

  • You are a spiritual seeker who, after years of study and practice, continues to experience feeling stuck and unable to consistently navigate the challenges of life from a place of trusting yourself and life.

  • You are a transformational leader, visionary, mental health professional, coach, changemaker and/or humanitarian who is feeling that the happiness you’re seeking in serving the world isn’t providing you the true fulfillment you are yearning for.

I Currently Offer The Following Online Programs Throughout The Year:


The 5-Day Embodied Grace Project

Based on my 5 Stages of Embodied Grace Ebook, you’ll discover an elegant path to healing trauma, explore each of the 5 Stages, determine which stage you are in right now and the tools for moving from where you are to where you want to be. Experience the power of using the 5 Stages to gain clarity about where you’re at on your healing journey and where you’re going.

The 7-week Grace Filled Living Immersion Experience

Pre-requisite: 5-Day Embodied Grace Project is strongly recommended but not required.

You’ll learn how to apply The Grace Process® to gently accelerate your healing so you can more elegantly move through the 5 Stages of Embodied Grace. By the end of this program you’ll have mastery in understanding the 5 Stages, identifying where you’re at in your journey, and the tools you need to move from suffer and struggle mode into the higher stages of surrender, stillness and synergy where true Grace and magic unfold.

The 6-month Grace Filled Living Mentorship

Pre-requisite: Completion of the Grace-Filled Living Immersion Program.

This program is designed to allow you to continue to deepen your experience of embodying your spiritual practices, find more healing and commit to a living a grace-filled life. 

People who have embarked on the 9-month voyage through Embodied Grace Project, to Grace Filled Living Immersion Program and Mentoring have consistently experienced significant movement from Trauma to Total Trust.

2024 Offerings

May 30 - June 2, 2024: ACEP 2024 Conference Featured Pre-Conference Presenter: If you are a licensed mental health professional or EFT certified practitioner, please join me May 30th-June 2nd in Phoenix for my pre-conference workshop called Embodiment: Achieving Therapeutic Presence Through Your Heart-Brain-Body Connection. More info HERE.

June 10-13, 2024: Embodying Grace In-Person Immersion Experience. Click here for more info 


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