Year End Miracle Report: Your donation is doubled through the end of the year!

Dec 23, 2022

 Despite the many challenges we’re facing around the world, your support has helped us provide much needed resources to traumatized communities who need it the most. Here are just a few of the miracles you supported in 2022.

Your donation now through the end of the year will be matched! $100+ US donors will also receive this beautiful reminder of how healing occurs within the Divine One Heart Infinity Circuit.



~ Remera Mbogo Residential High School Kitchen Project: Thanks to you the building is complete! But due to the global recession, costs were almost doubled and now we must find resources to buy commercial grade kitchen equipment in order for the school to remain open.

                        The exterior of the Kitchen and the Old equipment in new kitchen building
              (Keep in mind, this equipment is used to feed 650 students 2x daily rice and beans,
                                            and no, they don't get three meals a day.)

~ Ihumure Peace Association: Our Rwandan partners are a unified group of volunteer mediators, workshop leaders, and trauma recovery facilitators. This remarkable group of women and men, Christians and Muslims, and Hutus and Tutsis, brings an array of transforming services to their communities. They have been trained in The Grace Process and EFT/Tapping for Trauma Healing.

~ Interview with Project LIGHT Children2Children founder, educator Moira Mahr: How US middle school children have raised over $50,000 over the last 15 years to support the Remera Mbogo High School Orphanage in Rwanda.

Ukrainian Orphans and Refugees

~ One Humanity Peace Day Youth Convergence: Live from Auschwitz and the House of Hope. Our Remera Mbogo students join Ukrainian, Polish and American students in the Peace Day Youth Convergence: End War. Build Peace Together. It's always been my dream to connect young people around the world for peace-building programs, and IT HAPPENED! Here's the video link

~ Supporting Refugee Trauma Healing for Ukrainian Refugee Children and Orphans:  We provided support to a team of volunteers in Sluysk, Poland to train mental health and educational professionals to deliver EFT /Tapping relief to 120 Ukrainian children and their 4 caregivers who were relocated to that city as well as the 800 children and their families who registered for school in that community


Ukraine Refugee Project


Free Consultations, Mentoring, & Training: Your support also gives us the resources to support professionals wanting to bring EFT/Tapping and The Grace Process to traumatized communities.