Giving Tuesday: Donor Spotlight

Dec 21, 2022

Yes, what's in your heart really does change the world! Whether you have connected with my spiritual mentoring or my humanitarian work, on this "Giving Tuesday" I want to express my deep gratitude, love, joy and wonder to you for believing that when we heal our own hearts, we are contributing to healing our world.


New Website

Please visit  to explore my latest spiritual mentoring and humanitarian resources focusing on healing the illusion of separation from the Divine personally and in traumatized communities around the world.


Donor Spotlight

Your donations have impacted hundreds of communities and thousands of people around the world. I deeply thank the thousands of people who have contributed to our work over the years including our first 2 donors, Bert Fellows and Barbara Stone who created a beautiful momentum and inspiration when I was reluctant to ask people for money! Moira Mahr and the Children2Children Club at Pacific Grove Middle School for 15 years of contributions to our beloved Remera Mbogo Residential High School supporting orphan genocide survivors. 


For Kelci and Jordan Brock; Marian Edvardsen; Donna Kemper; Ginger and Daniel Metraux; our Project LIGHT Rwanda University sponsors - JT Lewis, Zoe and Julie Banks, Linda Dayton, Rosemary Dowling, and others who wish to remain anonymous.


For Nick Ortner, the Tapping Solution & our 1152 Documentary donors (view the documentary here.

Our Current Projects and Collaborations: 

  • Grace Filled Living - Discover more about how to embody your spiritual practices and live a Grace Filled Life here 
  • Create Global Healing - Discover more about our work with genocide survivors in Rwanda; Aboriginal and Refugee communities in Australia; US post-school shooting communities in Sandy Hook, Parkland; One Humanity support for Ukrainian Refugees; and free consultations to any others in traumatized communities around the world here.
  • 100% of your donations go to our work in the field. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of traumatized individuals.